Air Pollution and Your Health

Air Pollution and Your Health, In this buzzy and modern life, the air we breath is not but it is a compound of oxygen and nitrogen. It possesses various invisible and toxic substances that are highly injurious to health. This threat is not related to an individual but it is a global concern. The complex and toxic relationship between human health and air pollution poses harmful circumstances one of them is spreading of autoimmune disease. From the deep study, the scientific research explores the various interactions of air pollution with mankind. To know and solve the alarming consequences, let’s take a look on these conditions:

Air Pollution and Your Health

Understanding Autoimmune Disease

To understand the chemistry and functioning of autoimmune disease, it is necessary to know what is the immune system and autoimmune diseases. Both the subjects connect each other. Immune system in our body’s natural system which works for the defense against diseases, foreign invaders or any infection. Due to defective immune system, the body fight against its own normal cells rather than foreign particles. The result is destruction of organs and inflammation, and the diseases borne from this condition are autoimmune diseases. About 80 and more autoimmune diseases are present in the world.

Points to know autoimmune diseases

1. Loss of immunity

In the autoimmune disease, the immune system becomes weaken and unable to target and attack on the foreign particles. The risk of infection increases.

2. Common Diseases

Following are the most common autoimmune diseases:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Celiac disease
Air Pollution and Your Health

Hazardous Impacts of Air Pollution on Well-being

Air pollution causes severe effects on human health. The most common cause of air pollution is industrial activities, transportation and human resources. Here we discuss some extreme conditions on air pollution on human health:

1. Respiratory disorders

Air pollution can damage the respiratory track by causing asthma, bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

2. Cardiovascular diseases

Extreme exposure to air pollution will cause cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

3. Neurological disorders

Research shows that air pollution and nervous system have strong connection and cause neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

4. Suppression of immune response

Prolonged exposure to air pollution may suppress the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to infections and illnesses. You should proper know about air pollution and your health

5. Skin and Eye diseases

Toxic substances in air will cause skin allergies and eye irritation which leads to conjunctivitis. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

A bridge between Air Pollution and Autoimmune Diseases

Medical health sciences expose the connection between these two subjects and also unravel the diseases associated with it. Following is a brief description of diseases and their mechanism of development:

1. Inflammatory responses

Pollutants which are present in air including solid particles or gasses cause chronic inflammation. Long term inflammation will trigger the immune system and autoimmune borne disease will destroy the normal and healthy tissues.

2. Changed immune regulation to know Air Pollution and Your Health

Exposed to highly toxic pollutants will alter the immune system regulation. In some cases, the immune system becomes fails to detect the enemy and bear body’s personal cells as triggers, this is also a huge cause for the autoimmune diseases. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

3. Epigenetic alterations

Air pollution will also cause the alteration in gene regulation and expression. The body becomes unable to read DNA sequence and these genetic disorders will pose autoimmune diseases. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

4. Microbiome disruptions

Air pollution can damage the equilibrium of gut microbiome which is important in regulating immune system. On destruction, the immune system does not respond properly.

Complications for autoimmune diseases in air pollution

1. Elevation of existing diseases

Excessive and prolonged exposure to pollutant present in air will cause elevation in pre-existing autoimmune disease. The patient will experience severe painful symptoms during air pollution. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

2. Raise the risk of new disorders

If air pollution exists for long time, it will increase the risk to borne new autoimmune diseases. It will cause disastrous conditions in sensitive people. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

3. Targeted autoimmune disease

Air pollution can also lead to specific autoimmune disease which we mentioned earlier. This condition is shown by the scientific research.

Steps to Minimize Air Pollution

Reduction in air pollution is challenging and difficult especially in overpopulated areas. Some strategies can adopt to minimize the pollution level globally. But these steps can only implement through government, lets discuss some strategies:

1. Reduce transportation

The foremost cause of air pollution is transportation and the first step is to reduce its use. The reduction in transportation will lower the pollution rate which produces due to smoke of diesels and petrol. If people admire and promote to walk by foot, this will effective for your health and for the environment.

2. Reduce industrial smoke

Industries are another source of air pollution. There is a need to build the industries away from the populated areas. Use of chimneys can reduce the air pollutants in atmosphere due to their heights. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.

3. Promote Plantation

The thirst and most effective strategy is to promote plants growth. According to the environmental science, plants are the natural filter for the environment. Trees will assist in lowering in pollution level and make environment safe for life. You should proper know about air pollution and your health.


In conclusion, the discussion about environmental health and human health goes long because of the several origins and borne conditions. In practice, the adopted strategies can only reduce pollution level and autoimmune diseases. If the conditions left uncheck, the atmospheric pollution goes on increasing to an alarming stage and the human diseases come to chronic stages. Clean environment promotes long life.

Air Pollution and Your Health


1. How environmental health produces autoimmune diseases?

During air pollution, the air contains toxic matter or particles that causes infections and diseases which lead to autoimmune diseases.

2. Can polluted air damage our immune system?

Yes, air pollution can damage our immune responses depending on the severity of pollution.

3. Which diseases will occur on prolong exposure to air pollution?

On prolong exposure to environmental pollution, respiratory, cardiovascular, skin, eye and autoimmune disease may happen.

4. Which conditions show the worst air quality?

During worst air condition, people may face irritation in nose, eyes, skin allergies, difficulty in breathing, chest infections or runny nose.

5. Can inflammation occurs through air pollution?

Yes, due to air pollution the immune responses become weak, the body fails to fight against pathogen. This results in inflammation in body organs.

6 Why You should proper know about air pollution and your health?

We should proper know about air pollution for our health.

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