Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights

Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights

Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights, In this world of hustle and bustle, many people are struggling with insomnia due to restlessness. Insomnia is a silent killer and damages many lives. It can understand only those who are battling with their sleepless night and listen the sound of clock. The effects of insomnia are not limited to sleepless nights but surrounds the whole life. In this guide, the complex network of insomnia will explore along with the strategies to deal. The awareness is necessary whether you are suffering with chronic insomnia or in early stages. Let’s dive into its chemistry and role.

Sneaking Nature of Insomnia

The first query that everyone should understand is what is insomnia? It is a sleep disorder often accompanied by difficulty in speech, or stay awaken or feel uncomfortable sleep in the presence of calm and peaceful environment. It occurs in all genders and ages however stages may vary according o the age. The nature of insomnia decides its stage, in the initial phase, the patient feels difficulty to get sleep even during accurate timings of sleep. Another phase is the maintenance insomnia in which person struggle with sleep cycle. He will sleep and awake periodically during regular sleep. In terminating insomnia, the patient wakes up too much early in the morning and fighting to fall asleep again.  If insomniac patient takes too much time on bed and does not acquire quality sleep, he may not feel fresh in morning due to insufficient sleep. In insomnia, non-restorative sleep patterns happen.

Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

The Root Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia poses due to various root causes, some are known and some are under research.  Mixture of factors involve to develop this mental health disorder. Some most likely observe causes are here;

1. Stress and anxiety

Prolong and extreme stress and anxiety poses to this disease. A patient may suffer with stress from any of his life events or activities related to finance or personal issues. If anxiety become persistence with daily work then, he will become unable to get soothing sleep. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

2. Poor sleep Hygiene

Irregular sleep pattern, bedtime routine and excessive use of electronic devices leads to insomnia and cause disturbance in natural sleep cycle.

3. Health conditions

Some other health conditions may cause mental disorders. These include respiratory track infection, severe pain, stomach issues and hormonal imbalance will cause insomnia. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

4. Mental disorders and Neurological diseases

Mental disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and traumas causes disruption of sleep cycles. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights. Some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s and the medications for the treatment of these diseases causes insomnia. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

5. Medications and stimulants

Some drugs used for mental disorders such as antidepressants or stimulates may poses rhythmic disturbance in sleep. Patient will awake and sleep periodically. Use of other stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine may cause insomnia. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

6. Hormonal Disturbance

Changes in hormones especially in women during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause can affect the sleeping patterns. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

7. Neurological diseases

Some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s and the medications for the treatment of these diseases causes insomnia. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

Collision of Insomnia on Mental Health

Insomnia has powerful impact on other health condition and lifestyle. Some expressive effects of insomnia will discuss here;

1. Risk on stress disorders

Severe insomnia will lead to mental disorders expressively stress, anxiety, depression and these have negative effects on life. The patient with severe insomnia and anxiety disorders may do suicide attempt. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

2. Extension of depression

The common symptom of insomnia is depression and these two disorders have complex relationship. Worse stages of depression will lead to severe health issues. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

3. Effect on mood swings

When a person does not take a peaceful sleep, he will face mood distractions. Insomnia will cause changes in mood swings, irritation and sometimes stress.

4. Emotional trauma due to Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights

Individual with severe insomnia will face an emotional trauma. He become so emotional on short incidents. Lack of sleep will cause increase risk of emotional trauma and regulation in mood.

5. Changes in brain function

Intense insomnia will cause changes in brain functioning and anatomy. These alterations will lead to memory loss and imbalance in lifestyle. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.

Overview of Treatment Therapies for Insomnia

The treatment of insomnia will not only restrict to medication but also associated with behavior and lifestyle. The selection of treatment option depends on the intensity of disease. Take a look on few treatment therapies;

1. CBT-I

This is a cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia in which thoughts and ideas will find that causes insomnia. The factors for this purpose are sleep hygiene conditions, awareness of regular sleep, stimulants utilization and relaxing therapies. So we should Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights

2. Sleep hygiene situations

For a good and calm sleep, sleep hygiene conditions matter. These includes sleep habits, sleep schedules, peaceful environment and avoid stimulants such as alcohol, narcotics.

3. Relaxing therapies

For a proper sleep, do some relaxing therapies that provide you peace such as meditation, physical exercise, morning walk, breathing therapy, these will calm your body and mind.

4. Medications

For severe insomnia, medications will be given such as sleeping pills, sedatives or other to treat mental disorders. If insomnia will not control, seek medical guidance properly from some physician.

5. Intake of melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone which control the sleep cycles. Melatonin supplements will prescribe to the patients struggling with insomnia so that he can face regular sleep and awake cycle.

Stop Bearing Sleepless Nights.


1. Is insomnia related to mental disorder?

Yes, it is a mental health disorder in which lack of sleep happens.

2. In insomnia affects the brain?

Insomnia affects the brain cells and functioning, it may cause loss of memory and thinking ability.

3. Can insomnia treated or it is life threatening disease?

Insomnia can treat with therapies, medications and some lifestyle changes. It is a life-threatening disease however, severe insomnia may lead to suicides behaviors.

4. What is the common and most present symptom of insomnia?

The most observe symptom of insomnia is difficulty in sleep or disturbance of sleep cycle.

5. Can stress cause insomnia?

Prolong and excessive state of stress causes insomnia. Stress can manage through medications or stress releasing therapies to mitigate the insomnia.

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